Sandra Požun, fine art photographer


Born on september 15th. Marked by Dalmatian temperament, Istrian wind bura and hills of Haloze. Still in love with the sea and photography.


Group exhibitions:

  • House of Artists in Šmartno in Goriška brda, September 1995;
  • Kurent, Mihelič Gallery, Ptuj, February 1997;
  •  Corpus del Akti – Akt na Slovenskem (Nude in Slovenia) – photography, retrospection of Slovene nude in photography, Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana, March 2001;
  • Ljubljanica – razstavna galerija (exhibition gallery), the banks of the Ljubljanica river, September 2001;
  • EROTICA II – Salon erotične fotografije (Exhibition of erotic photography), Gallery Photon, Ljubljana, April 2005;
  • Iz Talumove umetniške zbirke (From the Talum’s Art Collection), Gallery Magistrat in Ptuj Town Hall, Ptuj, April 2008;
  • Uf, industrija! (Ooh, industry!) at the exhibition premises, Aluminium Factory Talum, Kidričevo, within project EPK – European Capital of Culture 2012, June–December 2012, 
  • Fotografi(n)je , Gallery Tovarna kulture, Majšperk, May 2016;
  • Nova F II., Photo Gallery Stolp, Maribor, June 2016;
  • Iz okvirja, Studio UGM, Maribor, July 2016;
  • Inventura, Pruj City Gallery, Ptuj, September 2017;

Solo exhibitions:

  • Terra nuda, Theatre basement, Ptuj, November 1998;
  • Let’s keep the youth, Pharmacy Ptuj, May 2005;
  • Nudes, Kultivacija Ruše, Ruše, May 2007;
  • Na moji poti drevo (A tree on my way), Gallery domKULTture muziKafe, Ptuj, March 2013;
  • Na moji poti drevo (A tree on my way), Gallery Vodni Stolp, Maribor, April 2013;
  • Akt (Nude) Gallery of Ptuj students club, Ptuj, Juny 2013;
  • Brezobrazne (Faceless), Gallery FO.VI, Strnišče, Kidričevo, Juny 2014;
  • Brezobrazne (Faceless), Gallery Epeka Gallery, Maribor, November 2014;
  • Nudes, Auster Perle, Graz, Austria, December 2014;
  • Akt (Nudes), Gallery of the City Library, Grosuplje, March 2015;
  • Moje ime je Ženska (My name is Woman), Gallery Šolt, Ljubljana, May 2015;
  • Kamen, voda, kri, svoboda! (Stone, water, blood, freedom!), Gallery Art Jurak, Križevci pri Ljutomeru, June 2015,
  • Izložba u izložbi (Exhibition in exhibition), National Bank of Serbia Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, December 2015,
  • Goli život (Naked Life), Castle Eđešeg Novi Sad, Serbia, July 2017;
  • U njezinoj koži (in her skin), Galerija POU Buje, Croatia, March 2018;
  • eNAkopRAVNOST JE raz(no)LIČNA, Gallery UKM, Maribor, March 2018;
  • Akt - dva pogleda (Nude - two points of views), Gallery Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor, September 2019;
  • Féminas (Women), Gallery Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Granada, Spain, October 2019;
  • Contrasts, Pruj City Gallery, Ptuj, Slovenia, November 2019.


  • FIAP GOLD MEDAL on the 14 International Biennal Exhibition of Photographic Art Photomedia, Skopje, North Macedonia, September 2014;
  • VENO PILON SPECIAL AWARD on 6 International Salon of Photography Between the Sky and the Earth 2014, Ajdovščina, Slovenia, November 2014;
  • SALON BRONZE MEDAL on 1 International Salon of Photography Pannonia Reflections 2014, Lendava, Slovenia, December 2014;
  • Award KADAR fot 1st place and 3th place in category Nude/Body on International Festival Rovinj Photodays 2015, Rovinj, Croatia, April 2015;
  • FIAP GOLD MEDAL on the International Art Photography Exhibition Art Balance 2015, Belgrade, Serbia, November 2015;
  • SPECIAL SALON AWARD - SOLO EXIBITON on the International Art Photography Exhibition Art Balance 2015, Belgrade, Serbia, December 2015, 
  • FSM BRONZE MEDAL on the 16 International Biennal Exhibition of Photographic Art Photomedia, Skopje, North Macedonia, October 2016;
  • Award KADAR fot 1st place in category Nude/Body on International Festival Rovinj Photodays 2017, Rovinj, Croatia, April 2017;
  • FIAP Honorable mention, blue ribbon, 16. international photography biennal Žena/Woman Strakonice 2017, Strakonice, Czech republic, November 2017;
  • INSP (Internetional Network of Street Papers) award for best photografph, Hannover, Germany, July 2019;
  • FIAP SILVER MEDAL on the 19 International Biennal Exhibition of Photographic Art Photomedia, Skopje, North Macedonia, November 2020.

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